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Social Media Designer +
Content Coordinator

About (Portfolio)


As an artist, I discovered my natural talents and creative inclinations at an early age, using them as a beloved hobby for self-expression. Over time, I realized that my artistic abilities could be harnessed in a professional context, leading me to explore the vast possibilities within design and marketing. By leveraging my inherent artistic skills, such as a keen eye for aesthetics, and the ability to convey emotions through visuals, I began to merge my passion for art with the strategic world of design and marketing. Through deliberate practice, continuous learning, and seeking opportunities to apply my talents, I gradually transformed my artistic hobby into a fulfilling career. Today, I find immense joy and satisfaction in utilizing my creative prowess to craft compelling designs and marketing campaigns that captivate audiences, tell stories, and evoke meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Design (Portfolio)

Design, Graphics, Strategy, Analysis

Social Media

Organization, Design, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat

Materials & Marketing

Programs, Graphics, Materials, Social Media Strategy

Theatre and The Arts

Branding & UX (Portfolio)

As an aspiring designer, I am eager to leverage my existing skills and embark on a journey into the dynamic world of branding and UX design. With a strong foundation, I am equipped to understand the essence of a brand and translate it into compelling visual identities. Additionally, my passion for user-centered design and creating meaningful experiences drives me to dive into the realm of UX design. By combining my creative instincts with a keen understanding of user needs, I aim to craft intuitive interfaces and engaging interactions that elevate user experiences. 

Breaking Into Branding & UX

Resume (Portfolio)



Social Media Trends 
Content Creation
Community Growth + Management
Content Strategy
Content Publishing + Scheduling
Website Maintenance + Design
User Research

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Adobe InDesign

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop






  • An Awareness of Trends

  • Great Time Management and Planning 

  • A Love of Community, Conversation, and Customer Service

  • A Passion for Storytelling 

  • An Eye for Design 

  • A Talent for Understanding Statistics and Analytics 

  • Deep Knowledge of Social media Platforms 

  • Desire to Learn New Tools and Processes 

  • A Knack for Building Strong Relationships

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