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Teaching and Coaching

Alongside my performance career, I love to teach! It's a huge part of my motivation to earn my Master's Degree. Growing up, my favorite part about school was being in the theatre classroom. I find so much joy in all learning environments, and I want to share that joy with students of all ages! Check out what I offer down below, and if you're interested in scheduling a session, or pricing, shoot me a message!

Audition/College Audition Coaching

Having trouble with your audition material? Prepping for the college audition process? I can help you make the best choices within those 90 seconds. I have extensive experience with professional and college auditions and want to help you put your best foot forward.

The Actor's Toolkit

Anything and everything you need to help you succeed! Resume formatting, headshot standards, finding auditions, and all of the how-to basics of the industry.

Repertoire and Cutting

You don't need to have a new song for every audition. Let me help you build your repertoire book into a versatile grouping of songs that show the best parts of you and can be used for any audition. I also assist in making that perfect audition cut!


What would you like work on?

Thank you for your inquiry :)

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